Saturday, May 26, 2012


Well, I was hoping to get in a post 6-weeks after Silas, but that turned into 2 months, and now we're at 10.5 weeks! Life with two kids is definitely BUSY!
With any baby the first weeks and months are definitely a difficult adjustment, and as most of you know, Ian was an extra difficult baby up until about 6 months or so. But I'm happy to report that our prayers have been answered, and Silas is an AWESOME baby. We like to call him the Best Baby Ever, or BBE. Of course, we've only had two babies, and maybe he's just average in the grand scheme of things. But compared to Ian as a baby, he's amazing! We try not to say this too much in front of Ian, by the way. Silas naps like a champ, is almost always happy when his basics needs are taken care of, and we're starting to get more sleep at night. His main issue has just been gassiness, and of course you always blame mom for what she's eaten when baby gets gassy. Since we usually eat a vegetarian diet of lots of beans and vegetables (which tend to make Silas really gassy and irritable, usually in the middle of the night), it's been making my meal choices a bit tricker. Eating mostly peanut butter and carbs doesn't exactly make losing the last 10 lbs of baby weight very easy. But I guess it's a good trade off for having such a happy baby. And let's be honest, peanut butter makes me happy (at least while I'm eating it!)

Ian's been a great big brother. He loves giving Silas kisses, and he likes hanging out on the playmat with Silas. And he's actually been fairly helpful in general with finding pacifiers and bringing me gas drops, etc. But he's been acting out in other ways, like throwing toys and pushing other kids when he's in child care. He got kicked out of MOPS twice, and asked to leave Sunday School once. Whoops. Obviously it's kind of frustrating, but I think he's getting over the worst of his behavior. I keep telling myself his world has been rocked, and he bound to act out a bit. And I'm glad he's hitting other people's kids instead of his brother. Just kidding.


After his two-month check up, we can officially say Silas is gigantic. He weighs 15 1/2 lbs already, which puts him off the charts. Ian was 12'10" at two months and was in the 90th percentile, so Silas already has 3 pounds on him. Why are our kids so huge? Guess I must have some extra fatty breast milk or something. Must be the peanut butter.

I've been back to Zumba for about 6 weeks, and I'm so glad to have an outlet! I love my children, but it's nice to take a mental break for a couple of hours during the week. I don't know if my kids will grow up thinking I'm crazy, or if they'll just think it's normal for their mom to randomly break out into a salsa in the middle of making dinner, but I'm often choreographing in my head throughout the day. I guess it's my creative outlet, or maybe just my mental escape from changing diapers (yes, two sets still. sigh. we're getting there!)

So life if busy and full and exhausting, but I am so thankful to be the mother of two wonderful boys! And please don't ask if we're going to try for a girl. We're pretty sure our family is complete now, unless God has other plans. Gulp!

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